Chocolate Covered Toffee

Chocolate Covered Toffee

Nothing is more delectable than buttery rich gourmet chocolate covered toffee gifts that melt in your mouth, while leaving behind that signature crispy crunch. And what could be better than toffee that is homemade using the best ingredients and a bit of heart and soul?

At Patty O’s, that’s exactly what you get, as all the toffee creations that come out of the kitchen are handmade by Patty L. McCally herself. She spent years making toffee for friends and family and finally decided that it was time to share her delicious treats with the rest of the world. It’s a good thing she did, as her gourmet toffee gifts are simply irresistible.

What makes Patty O’s toffee creations so delicious is that they’re made fresh and created using the finest ingredients. Pure cane sugar, cream butter, fresh pecans and chocolate are behind every indulgent treat. If you want toffee for your own enjoyment or for a gift idea, you can choose between milk or dark chocolate. Only the best goes into Patty O’s chocolate toffee, making each piece a delicacy to be remembered.

With the holidays right around the corner, Patty O’s chocolate covered toffee is the perfect idea for everyone on your holiday list. Toffee is the perfect treat for the person who has everything, your hard-to-buy-for boss or your best friends who haven’t tasted a true, homemade piece of toffee – yet. You can expect that all toffee from Patty O’s is made fresh so that it will taste absolutely delicious for your recipients.

At this time, Patty O’s offers two types of toffee: Milk chocolate covered and dark chocolate covered. While we recommend that you try both flavors, you can order one if you choose. Both mail orders and pickups are available depending on where you’re located in regards to Patty O’s. With simple online ordering, you can also choose to mail your gourmet toffee gifts directly to your recipient, ensuring that the finest, freshest toffee arrives just in time for the holidays.

Why are we so confident that our gourmet chocolate covered toffee gifts are the best? Both time and effort go into a batch of chocolate toffee, as well as natural ingredients and a heart full of passion. It is with this pride that we know we have a true indulgence on our hands, and one that should be shared with loved ones this holiday season and beyond.

Hello & Welcome to my Website…!!!

My name is Patricia L. McCally and I have been making Toffee for years now for family and friends…!!! Everyone always told me how AMAZING my Toffee is and that I should offer it to the public for sale so here I am going for it…!!! I hope you will LOVE my Toffee and appreciate all the time and hard work that it takes to make it…!!! I stand behind my Toffee with PRIDE and Guarantee it’s Freshness & Quality…!!!

Best Wishes From My Kitchen to yours, Patty L. McCally